How Can You Duplicate You?

Ok…so, the truth is, you can’t actually just make a carbon copy of yourself. However, there is good news! You can create a mini me or a team of mini me’s of sorts! The best way to “duplicate” yourself is really to surround yourself with people who you can work with, whose personalities match your style, and who can be trained on your systems and processes.

One thing we have learned is that you don’t always have to hire someone who has all of the same experiences as you (or even experience in the same field). Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is best, and if the person’s personality, values, and worth ethic align with your team’s, you may have found your fit! You can train on tasks and systems more easily than you can change someone’s personality. So, don’t get too caught up in the resume details. Yes, you want someone competent, of course! But more than anything, you want someone who you like to work with and who you can trust! The funny thing is that buyers and sellers often want the same thing–to work with someone that they like and can relate to!

What is great about our team of transaction coordinators is that we all have a wide variety of backgrounds, styles, and personality types, so we can match the agents who work with us up with someone who will be a great fit for them! And since you will typically always work with the same transaction coordinator, you two can learn each other’s styles and personalities so that each new transaction that comes in becomes a seamless transition straight into the workflow–save time, and delegate to someone who you can trust!

We love that we have so many TCs from the customer service field because we find that customer service professionals, whether that be someone who has worked in retail, the restaurant industry, a church, a dentist’s office, or a real estate brokerage, we all know how to treat customers and how to work with people. So, don’t let someone sell you on a “one size fits all approach” when it comes to hiring a TC or expanding your team! Wouldn’t it be great if you could duplicate you? Well, you can get pretty close by establishing a great relationship with one of our amazing TCs, and you’ll be well on your way to having a team of mini me’s–all of whom your clients love!

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