Professional Photography vs. Taking Your Own

Many of our agents ask us if we take photographs as part of our role as Transaction Coordinators, and while the answer to that is that “we can,” but, except in rare circumstances, we advise leaving the photography to the professionals. If you have been paired with a Transaction Coordinator who is local to you, and you would like to have him/her take photos of your listing, we can amend your package to include a photo add on. However, we have formed some great relationships with local talent in the areas that we work, and we would highly recommend taking a look at their work before making a decision about photography.

In our experience, it is best to let each expert operate in his/her area of expertise! That is way we specialize in taking care of the details, the paperwork, the scheduling, and other minutia that our agents often find bogs them down. We are detail people! That is what we do best, so let us take care of that for you!

And then, if you need additional resources/vendors, we are more than happy to either connect you with someone that we already know, to use the vendors that you already prefer, or we can even do research to help you find someone great in your area if neither of us has a great resource for that particular service.

We also know, from our experience in drafting & publishing listings, that first impressions are crucial for consumers, so that is really why we recommend taking professional photos of your listing. And yes–we would say even for rentals, if you can, and even in a ‘seller’s market”! It really helps your listing stand out from the crowd if your photos show your property in its best light–with great lighting, wide angles, and polished looking shots of each room. And again, we are here to make you look your best . . . your photos should too!

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